Springtime Blossoms, 24x18, Oil on linen
​Guild of Boston Artists Award of Merit, 2017

Throughout my life I have always desired to create art and to paint the beauty of nature. My earliest such memory dates back to the age of six, while my family lived in Japan, when I painted the abundant, captivating cherry blossoms.

I strive to capture the look of nature and, hopefully, to find some magic in the process. Working directly from life under north light emphasizes the light effect rather than the objects themselves and enables me to focus on the observed truth and beauty. Drawn to rich, vibrant colors, I use a full range of color and value contrasts. My paintings offer dynamic compositions, accurate drawing, a variety of lost and found edges, and overall harmony. I aim to organize them in an interesting and evocative way. With a love of still life, landscape, and portraiture, I paint in oil on linen, and draw in charcoal and pastel on paper. Constantly seeking to improve my work, I endeavor to achieve mastery.

I trained in the tradition of the Boston School of Painting, part of the American Impressionist movement. The Boston School combined the fresh colors of the French impressionists with the accuracy of 18th and 19th century French academic training. Painting directly from life continues a tradition of careful observation of nature that remains endlessly fascinating.

​​Lynne B. Mehlman, Fine Art

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